About us

City Tours Segway Bruges wants to offer everyone the opportunity to visit Bruges without having to walk long distances or make a big effort. Your safety and comfort are our top priority. Each group is therefore provided with a personal supervisor, which avoids accidents and risks. This supervisor also ensures that your Segway is always ready for use. We also care about the environment! After all, the Segway is very environmentally friendly. It is not only low-noise and energy-efficient, it also does not emit harmful substances. Extremely suitable to drive around the city, where enough exhaust fumes are released, and outside the city where you want to burden nature as little as possible. Segway Brugge - City Tours also offers unique experiences tailored to your needs! Do you want to rent the Segway for a guided city tour in Bruges or for an event on location? Then this is perfectly possible. We offer numerous exclusive tours and events. Segway Bruges wants to see the Segway more in the streets of Bruges. It is a fast, pleasant and especially environmentally friendly way to move. The Segway is not only suitable for tourist guide tours, but can be used in almost every sector, such as in the service sector, police and security, event sector, and so on.